Senator Hatch calls for "commonsense changes" in employment based immigration | KNG Law

Tuesday, May 22, 2018, Senator Hatch called for changes to our immigration system following an event sponsored by Compete America. Hatch addressed two areas within the current employment-based green card landscape: the backlog caused by per-country caps, and the transition process from the temporary worker status to green card.

The current process for immigrants or temporary workers seeking employment-based green cards entails decade-long delays depending on the size of the country. Generally, large countries, such as India and China, are meeting the 7% per-country cap on green cards almost immediately and creating a long and delayed backlog that impacts the transitional process, so even when the stringent tests for filing adjustment of status are met, there must be a green card available. Thus, potential green card holders are required to continue working at the same job “for years on end” as highlighted by Hatch. 

In closing his presentation, Hatch introduced the Immigration Innovation Act, also called the  I-Squared Act, to solve these issues. In essence, the Act he proposes would eliminate the per-country cap on employment based green cards and allow petitioners to file adjustment of status once their petition has been approved and all tests by employers have been satisfied. As Hatch emphasized: “We should care about skills, not country of origin.”


By Jasmine Rios | Immigration Paralegal/Law Clerk | Houston, Texas  

Jasmine Rios (J.D. Candidate, 2020)  is a paralegal and law clerk with KNG Law in Houston, Texas. Jasmine focuses on supporting the firm's employment-based immigration matters.