USCIS Resumes Premium Processing for All H-1B Petitions

Today, USCIS announced that the agency will resume the premium processing service (15 calendar day processing) for all H-1B petitions, tomorrow March 12, 2019. H-1B Petitioner companies may now file H-1B petitions with form I-907 with the applicable filings fees along with their I-129 petitions. Any pending Requests for Evidences (RFEs) may also be upgraded to premium processing. If you received an RFE for a pending H-1B petition, you should include the RFE Response with the premium processing request, mailing the documentation to the premium processing unit.

Who is affected and special considerations:

  1. Long delays now alleviated. Those pending petitions backlogged and delayed may now be adjudicated and decided upon.

  2. Travelers. Visa Beneficiaries with travel plans are allowed to travel with less risk and uncertainty as approvals may be secured without the risk of travelling on pending petitions.

  3. Project changes less risky. Premium processing of H-1B petitions for consulting and project based petitions may be decided upon, without delay causing smoother business operations.

This has been an update provided by KNG Law. Questions regarding the premium processing service can be sent to